Samsung fires up production of second-gen 10-nm FinFET chips

Samsung announced today that its S3 manufacturing line in Hwaseong, South Korea has started fabrication of SoCs on 10LPP, the company's second-generation 10-nm FinFET process technology. The electronics manufacturer says 10LPP allows for 10% higher performance or 15% lower power consumption compared to 10 LPE, its existing 10-nm node. Samsung says the second-generation process should lead to increased yields and reduced time in the transition from chip development to mass production.

Samsung's S3 manufacturing line in Hwaseong, Korea

According to the company, devices bearing SoCs built using the 10LPP process node will probably hit store shelves early next year. Samsung didn't elaborate on the nature of these SoCs, so they could be anything from in-house designs for smart watches to high-end smartphone SoCs built for the company's manufacturing partners.

In addition to 10-nm production, the company expects it'll produce 7-nm FinFET chips at the S3 facility using EUV lithography when that process is ready for prime time. Samsung operates two other silicon manufacturing facilities in Giheung, South Korea and Austin, Texas.

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