AMD's next Radeon Software release gets a dash of Adrenalin

A little under three years ago, AMD began a tradition that's become as ingrained as Thanksgiving and Christmas: major year-end driver update packages with sweeping bug fixes and major new features. That tradition started with Catalyst Omega, continued with Radeon Software Crimson Edition, and bore even more fruit with Radeon Software Crimson Relive Edition (and its 17.7.2 mid-cycle update). This morning, AMD is announcing the existence (though not the details) of its next major driver update: Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition.

Named after a particularly brilliant varietal of scarlet rose (not the hormone), Adrenalin Edition will mark the first major software update without honcho Raja Koduri at the helm of AMD's Radeon Technologies Group. Maybe that's the reason behind the "turning the page" graphic that AMD is teasing this morning. For now, all we know about this release is that it'll arrive next month (and, blessedly, without the atrocious name that some rumors touted). Stay tuned as we learn more and potentially get our hands on this new software ahead of next month's launch.

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