Radeon 17.11.4 drivers are ready for Doom VFR and Oculus Dash

It's the last day of November 2017. Tomorrow we step into the final month of the year, but there's still time for one more November driver update. Appropriately numbered 17.11.4, the latest Radeon driver release is tuned to support Doom VFR and the the open beta of Oculus' Dash software.

Doom VFR is a stand-alone VR side story to last year's excellent Doom reboot. Aside from head tracking and motion controller support, the game has a new campaign where you aren't playing the titular Doom Slayer. Doom VFR launches tomorrow, so these drivers are timely. Meanwhile, Oculus Dash can best be described as a virtual interface for regular old Windows and is intended to be used with the headset's touch controllers. The software should show up for opted-in testers of the Rift Core 2.0 beta in December.

Besides adding new game and application support, AMD's also fixed a few issues with this release. Folks playing Star Wars Battlefront II on Crossfire rigs should stop experiencing crashes. Radeon RX Vega cards should report the correct power and clock rates now. Adjusting the HBCC segment size on Radeon RX Vega cards shouldn't cause hangs, either.

On the other hand, the known issues list hasn't gotten any larger since last time. There are still crash bugs hanging around for Rainbow Six: Siege, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Overwatch. That last one might be addressed by disabling Radeon ReLive. Radeon RX Vega cards might become unstable if you toggle HBCC on or off. Radeon Wattman profiles might not be reset properly after a system hang, either, so be careful when overclocking with Wattman.

There are a few more known issues, but they're primarily of the incredibly-obscure sort. If you're curious, you can click here to read the full release notes. That page also has downloads for Windows 7 and Windows 10, but if you need another package you can pick it up at AMD's download site.

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