Thermaltake Core P90 will put your PC in a corner

Thermaltake's got a new case in its Core series of open-frame tower chassis, and this one might be the coolest yet. Like a lot of modern case designs, the Core P90 has two separate spaces for components. The interesting part is that this chassis sets its "chambers" at a 90° angle from each other. The result is a steel-and-glass enclosure that would fit just right in the corner of a room.

Thanks to its design, the Core P90 is pretty large for what Thermaltake calls a "mid-tower" chassis. All that space gives you a lot of room for hardware, though. The P90 will take ATX motherboards and has eight expansion slots, though you'll need riser cables to use them. Fortunately, Thermaltake throws one in the box. The Core P90 has three dedicated spaces for 2.5" storage devices, and four brackets that will take 3.5" or 2.5" drives.

As with most of Thermaltake's recent designs, the Core P90 is designed with liquid-cooling in mind. It has accomodations for mounting a reservoir out of the way of the hardware, and it also has room for a massive 480-mm radiator on one side. There are no other spaces for fans, likely because the open-chassis design doesn't really need much airflow.

Thermaltake's already selling the Core P90 on its website. At $180 it's not cheap, but compared to a lot of other interesting case designs incorporating tempered glass, it's not too expensive either.

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