Scythe Sengokubune has six heatpipes and an asymmetrical design

Custom liquid-cooling hardware and closed-loop AIOs get considerable attention from enthusiasts and cooling part makers. As efficient as a liquid-cooling system can be, though, air coolers are still tough to beat when it comes to simplicity and noise. Japanese outfit Scythe's latest Sengokubune is the newest model in the company's line of high-performance air coolers. Those hoping to fit one of these copper-and-aluminum sculptures into a tiny Mini-ITX build might want to keep in mind that the name refers to a boat (thanks, Zak).

The Sengokubune is built around six 6-mm copper heatpipes that transfer heat from the contact plate to an array of aluminum fins. The heat pipes aren't in direct contact with the CPU, but they're bent in a way to increase clearance for other system components like memory modules. The included 120-mm PWM fan has an oil bearing and rotates at speeds from 400 to 1500 RPM. Scythe says the spinner can generate 37.2 to 68.4 CFM of air movement.

The cooler measures 5.2" wide, 6.1" tall, and 3" deep (13 cm x 15.6 cm x 7.5 cm), so it should fit in most popular enthusiast cases. The hardware pack includes the bits and pieces to affix the coolers to any recent Intel desktop socket with 775 to 2066 pins, as well as recent AMD sockets including Ryzen's AM4. Threadripper's massive TR4 socket is not on the compatibility list.

The Sengokubune is currently only listed on the company's Japanese site and doesn't have a price tag, so interested gerbils might have to wait a little while or jump through some shipping and customs hoops. We'd expect the cooler to show up at Newegg's Scythe store soon enough, though.

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