Toshiba puts 3D NAND in mobile devices with UFS 2.1 BGA SSDs

Toshiba's BiCS3 flash is showing up everywhere. The latest place where the high-density flash will be showing its face is in smartphones, tablets, and other space-constrained spots. The company has announced that it's started sampling new UFS 2.1-compliant BGA SSDs that can hit up to 900 MB/s in sequential reads.

The new devices will come in capacities ranging from 32 GB up to 256 GB. The 900 MB/s figure is for a 64 GB package, and Toshiba says that same variant can write at up to 180 MB/s, too. The company didn't specify random performance numbers for the BiCS3 devices, but did say that read figures are 200% better than previous-generation hardware, while writes should see a 185% improvement. The new BGA SSDs ought to deliver their improved performance in the same power envelope as their predecessors, too.

The company says it expects the fast and dense UFS 2.1 SSDs to be used in smartphones and tablets. We don't know when products bearing the new BiCS3-based storage will hit the market, but it'll probably happen sooner rather than later. Thanks to Storage Review for the tip.

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