Aorus GeForce GTX 1070 Ti muscles up its clock rates

GeForce GTX 1070 Ti cards all run pretty much the same clock rates out of the box. Whether this is due to a mandate from Nvidia or some other factor, we can't say for sure. Aorus' pragmatically-named GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8G card is strikingly similar on the surface to its Gigabyte-branded cousin, but it boasts a higher 88-MHz overclock in its OC mode.

The bonus boost takes the card's spec'd boost clock to 1771 MHz—a 48 MHz improvement over the Gigabyte-branded model. Meanwhile, the spec'd boost clock of 1683 MHz for the reference design becomes the base clock for this card in OC mode. Users will have to enable that mode manually with Gigabyte's software, but it looks like doing so could provide a nice little push to the performance of their new pixel-painter. As always with Pascal-based cards, these default clock rates are merely indicative since the GPU will boost higher more often than not.

Unlike most Aorus-branded cards, this card has a standard output cluster consisting of three DisplayPorts, an HDMI connection, and a DVI plug. No VR-link ports here. The Aorus GTX 1070 Ti 8G card hasn't shown up at e-tail yet, but we'd expect it to run just a handful dollars more than the similar Gigabyte model that's currently available for $470 at Newegg.

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