Samsung's new UFS SSDs store up to 512 GB in a single package

Toshiba isn't the only company with new embedded storage products to show. Samsung is firing back today with a volley of its own: new UFS SSDs that store up to 512 GB of data in a single BGA package. Naturally, the new storage devices are based on the company's 3D V-NAND flash and integrate eight 512 Gb (64 GB) dies with a proprietary controller chip.

The performance of Samsung's new Lilliputian SSDs is pretty impressive. The company claims that the new UFS devices will perform sequential reads at up to 860 MB/s, and that sequential writes will happen at 255 MB/s. While the read performance is slightly behind the 900 MB/s of Toshiba's offerings, the write performance is a fair sight better.

Of course, sequential performance numbers aren't the biggest defining characteristic for an SSD. Samsung actually gives us some hard numbers for random performance. The company says the UFS storage modules can perform random reads at up to 42,000 IOPS, and writes nearly as fast at 40,000 IOPS. Those numbers might seem puny next to scorching NVMe SSDs, but for a mobile device they're downright brisk.

Samsung admits that the denser UFS SSDs will draw more power than its previous-generation offerings, but claims that the increase is minimal. South Korea's biggest chaebol says it intends to "steadily increase an aggressive production volume" for the high-capacity V-NAND chips used in these devices.

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