Empty your iPhone onto the Adata i-Memory AI720 drive

There are a lot of ways to get files off of an iPhone these days, some more cumbersome than others. After all, it's almost like they're handheld computers. One of the simplest forms of file transfer is the good old-fashioned physical medium, and in the case of i-devices that means a flash drive. Adata's i-Memory AI720 is a prime example of a suitable device thanks to its USB Type-A and Lightning connectors.

The new drive supports USB 3.1 Gen 1 (better known as USB 3.0) and comes in 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB capacities. Adata says users can read data off the AI720 at up to 90 MB/sec and write at up to 20 MB/sec. That performance won't set the world on fire, but it's better than your typical USB 2.0 flash drive. Notably, users can encrypt their files on a single-file, multi-file, or folder-wide basis on their phone using the i-Memory app.

Flash drives sporting both USB and Lightning connectors were fairly uncommon until recently and of variable build quality. Adata's AI720, on the other hand, purports to be a sturdy and stylish storage device. The company points out that AI720's is 7.5 mm thick—about as much as an iPhone 8 Plus and just a hair thinner than the iPhone X. The drive comes in iPhone-matching rose gold and space gray colors, and Adata says it passes IP54 certification for contaminant resistance. We wouldn't want to throw it in the drink, but it should be safe from typical dust and liquid hazards.

Adata expects the i-Memory AI720 to hit Amazon right quick and in a hurry, though it's not there yet. When the drives finally arrive, the company expects the 32 GB model to go for $50, the 64 GB model to sell for $70, and the 128GB model to set you back $90.

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