Thermaltake's Nemesis Switch has enough buttons for all your macros

Man, I just love mice with a bounty of buttons. It's so convenient to stick functions you'd normally have to stretch your left hand for on the mouse. It seems like Thermaltake is gearing up to serve folks like me with its just-launched Nemesis Switch gaming mouse. The shiny new pointer uses a high-end optical sensor and has RGB LED illumination built-in.

The specific sensor on offer is a variant of the PixArt PMW3360 family, like in most high-end mice right now. The sensor's pedigree means the Nemesis Switch should track movements accurately. The mouse has a total of 12 buttons. The usual three clickers are joined by a switch behind the mouse wheel and another eight buttons on the side. You can move the eight numbered caps around, although it isn't completely clear why one would do that since the buttons are all reprogrammable through the mouse's software.

The Nemesis Switch is clearly aimed at palm-gripping users with a rounded back end and a thumb rest that bows out from the left side of the mouse. The design reminds me of the original Razer Naga, albeit with four fewer buttons on the side—but that's probably a preferable design choice anyway, since the Naga's 12 buttons are a little too small. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Thermaltake Nemesis Switch is the price: you can pick it up at Amazon for only $50.

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