Acer ProDesigner PE320QK is big on size and color accuracy

Do you recall, back in May, when we reported on Acer's ProDesigner BM320? That's a 31.5" display with 4K resolution and 10-bit-per-pixel color depth. Acer is apparently trying to carve a niche in the professional display market, as it's just brought out the ProDesigner PE320QK with a similarly-juicy list of specifications.

The PE320QK is an LED-backlit LCD monitor with a 31.5" diagonal and a resolution of 3840x2160. The 10-bit IPS panel is specced for a 4-ms response time and 178° viewing angles horizontally and vertically. The company claims that the PE320QK is capable of shining at up to 350 cd/m². That's not quite high enough to qualify the monitor for the HDR label, but it's pretty darn high for a monitor this size.

Acer boasts of the PE320QK's color saturation and accuracy. The company says it the display is calibrated to a DeltaE value of under 1 out of the box, and that it can reproduce 95.7% of the wide DCI-P3 color space. Professionals can hook up to the PE320QK using HDMI, DisplayPort, or USB Type-C connectors. The monitor also supports the USB power delivery spec and can supply up to 85W to charge devices plugged in with the reversible connector. The hood is included, and the stand offers height and tilt adjustments.

Acer says the PE320QK is available now, and we found a listing from a third-party seller at Newegg for $1341. That's a bit over the manufacturer's suggested price of $1199, so interested buyers might want to hold off until Newegg itself gets the display in.

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