Gingerbread House Day Shortbread

Credit where credit is due, but yeesh, that early-2000s era watermark…

PC hardware and computing

  1. Asus ROG Maximus X Apex review @ Guru3D
  2. Phanteks Glacier G1080 video card water block review @ HardOCP
  3. Deepcool Gamer Storm Baronkase Liquid case review @ Hexus
  4. Silverstone SX500-G SFX 500W review @ JonnyGuru
  5. LaCie 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3 review @ KitGuru
  6. SteelSeries M750 TKL mechanical keyboard review @ Legit Reviews
  7. Review of Synology's DS1517+ @ Neowin
  8. Roccat Sova MK review @ TechPowerUp
  9. AOC Agon AG322QCX review @ TechSpot
  10. Roccat Suora FX gaming keyboard review @ ThinkComputers
  11. The Asus ROG Strix X299-XE Gaming motherboard review @ AnandTech
  12. Room temperature vs. GPU heat: Vega 64, GTX 1080 & mining machines @ Gamers Nexus

Games and VR

  1. Subnautica's Eye Candy update makes water look wetter @ Rock Paper Shotgun
  2. The rise, fall and return of Dance Dance Revolution in America @ Polygon
  3. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds new map made me feel lost again, and I love it @ Rock Paper Shotgun

Science, hacks, makers and gadgets

  1. SpaceX has a momentous launch this week @ Ars Technica
  2. 3D-printed objects connect with Wi-Fi—no electricity required @ New Atlas
  3. Bizarre new dinosaur species blends swan, penguin, crocodile and Velociraptor @ New Atlas (that's good enough to bump it up to the top of my de-extinction list)

Tech news and culture

  1. Ajit Pai jokes with Verizon exec about him being a "puppet" FCC chair @ Ars Technica
  2. Bitcoin fees are skyrocketing @ Ars Technica
  3. Bitcoin uses more power than Serbia—the environmental cost of cryptocurrencies @ New Atlas
  4. About 40 percent of Bitcoin is held by 1,000 users. If a few of them want to sell, that could tank values @ Slashdot
  5. After automating order-taking, fast food chains had to hire more workers @ Slashdot (in other news, hunter-gatherers not all grumpy that agriculture took their jobs)

    PS – Are you guys sick of Bitcoin links yet?

Cheese, memes, and RGB LEDs

  1. Cheese wheel wedding cakes are a funky twist on an old tradition @
  2. SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB tempered glass case review @ PC Perspective
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Comments closed
    • Walkintarget
    • 2 years ago

    That missing I/O shield is setting off my OCD !!

    You know its bad when you’ve paid more for a missing I/O shield than you did for the board 🙁

      • drfish
      • 2 years ago

      Now I want to make a cookie-cutter than makes I/O shield cookies!

    • PrincipalSkinner
    • 2 years ago

    [quote<] Bitcoin uses more power than Serbia [/quote<] That's because we burn a lot of coal and wood for heating.

    • 2 years ago

    And in other news-
    [url<][/url<] One thing I found pleasing in that article- " the fact that some competitors have chosen to migrate some 2D NAND fabs to DRAM manufacturing instead of 3D NAND, in order to address the shortage of DRAM that also exists." Should please us all if it helps bring Ram prices down.......................................

    • mcarson09
    • 2 years ago

    Truth be told the Bitcoin links are hilarious. The Bitcoiners don’t want Bitcoin regulated or apart of big banks and it is slowly going into that direction.

    • thedosbox
    • 2 years ago

    No four legged fiends? I am disappointed.

      • drfish
      • 2 years ago

      Me too! Gingerbread Doghouse Day would be a lot cooler.

      • SomeOtherGeek
      • 2 years ago

      They must have command over Fish?!

    • Fonbu
    • 2 years ago

    That cheese wheel wedding cake is so awesome! I imagine the tiers of cheese available include a 5 year aged cheddar variety.

    • juzz86
    • 2 years ago

    Fan grill on a CoolerMaster 80mm fan. Please. You’ll be replacing it every six weeks, why bother?

    Two Firewire and two serial ports without a header is impressive, though!

      • Shobai
      • 2 years ago

      Mini-ITX & DC jack, also – I wonder what it was?

        • juzz86
        • 2 years ago

        DC or Toslink? I thought the same but second-guessed it because that’s a massive plug if so!

        • MOSFET
        • 2 years ago

        I didn’t notice like you did. But having had it pointed out, what was that small back in that era? Maybe an early Shuttle PC, after they stopped doing the retail motherboard thing?

        edit: I finally clicked the link, and there are build photos, but I still can’t read any silkscreening on the board. I think this predates ITX as we know it. The graphics card is in an AGP slot, and there is a 32-bit PCI slot between the AGP slot and CPU. It’s definitely not a DC port on the back – I’d have to go with bulky optical.

          • juzz86
          • 2 years ago

          Indeed, apparently it’s from a Shuttle SB51G XPC. Bit too long on the leading edge for ITX!

          [url=<]linky[/url<] Good sleuthing all!

            • Shobai
            • 2 years ago

            So, S/PDIF then?

            I’m not sure why chuckula’s downvoting your posts, though…

      • DrCR
      • 2 years ago

      Nah, an undervolted Japanaflo will last a lifetime.

        • juzz86
        • 2 years ago


        True enough champ, but I’ve never seen a clear-frame Panaflo. Do they exist?

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