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We saw it coming, but now it's official. is throwing in the towel. A nasty database crash was the catalyst, but the site's inability to make money was the real reason for this decision. The guys in charge there were trying to earn a living off the site, and it wasn't working out. Eugene writes:
Judging from some of the responses we’ve received in our newly revived discussion community as well as through e-mail, many readers still believe that SR is a part-time job or a hobby for us. This is not true. The research, testing, and writing involved in reviewing drives and documenting research easily constitutes a full-time job for me. Likewise, the programming and maintenance of the infrastructure necessary to support this content is easily a full-time occupation for Davin. Tim and Terry, our associate editors, have devoted many part-time hours to bring you looks at CD-RWs, DVD-ROMs, and RAID controllers. Over the past three months, SR has been able to compensate Davin and myself with $500. Tim and Terry have received nothing.
That is a crying shame, and it sounds all too familiar these days.

Let me say that, in my book, this is one of the biggest losses we've seen since the dot-com bubble burst. was a model of enthusiasts doing right what no one else could. Their testing methods and results database allowed us, for quite a few years, to know precisely which hard drives were best suited for our needs. Eugene and the gang were sometimes a little condescending about the quality of other sites' storage reviews, but they backed up the talk with their own excellent reviews. SR was so solid, I didn't view it as a review site. It was a resource—the resource for storage—and it will be sorely missed.

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