The new iLamp... er, iMac arrives

Steve Jobs made the official announcement during his MacWhirled keynote yesterday. Here is more info at Apple's website. This new computer carries quite a visual wallop, and I like the basic design well enough.

Naturally, the Apple faithful were impressed.

However, the announcement didn't quite live up to the pre-show hype. Notably absent from the show: any mention of plans to move OS X to Intel, the announcement of a speedy new G5 CPU, plans for faster G4 processors, or the intention to adopt such cutting-edge innovations as DDR memory or a system bus faster than 133MHz.

Apple says the new iMac, though, features "a Pentium-crushing 800MHz PowerPC G4 processor." Now that's not fair. Try "Pentium II-crushing 800MHz PowerPC G4 processor."

Nobody tell Steve about the developments since 1997, please. It might puncture the RDF.

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