Antec P110 Silent touts quiet looks and quiet operation

Do you loathe noisy fans, despise tempered glass, and swear off RGB LEDs? Antec has the case for you. The Antec P110 Silent is the latest in the company's silent-running Performance Series, and rarely have we seen a case simultaneously so featureless and feature-filled.

The P110 Silent is what we would generally call a mid-tower ATX case. Like most modern cases, it mounts its power supply in a separate chamber in the bottom. Don't be fooled by the thumbscrews on the side, though: the entire class is built from steel and aluminum with bits of ABS plastic here and there. Both side panels are covered in noise-absorbing foam, and all of the fan intakes have removable filters. The P110 includes magnetic covers for the top vent to maximize noise reduction at the cost of a bit of extra airflow.

Aside from the nearly-featureless black exterior and noise-reducing features, the P110 Silent is a pretty basic case. You can install two 2.5" drives and up to six 3.5" drives inside. It has eight expansion slots, in case you were planning to install four big graphics cards. Alternatively, you can turn your graphics card sideways, although we can't imagine that will have good effects on its airflow given the amount of side-panel clearance that mount seems to offer.

Speaking of airflow, the P110 Silent will take a surprising number of spinners for a silent case. It includes one 120-mm fan in the front and one in the back. You can install two more in the front and two in the top if you like. Alternatively, you can install a pair of 140-mm fans in the front and top. Liquid-cooling enthusiasts can mount a 360-mm radiator in the front, a 280-mm radiator in the top, and a 120-mm radiator in the back.

Antec actually already sells a version of this case with a glass side panel called the P110 Luce. That model is for sale at Newegg for $110 before a $20 mail-in rebate. The company says the P110 Silent will be in stores shortly for around the same price.

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    • Chrispy_
    • 2 years ago

    Something terrible happened to Antec almost a decade ago. Their cases used to be robust, quality products that stood for build quality and durability. Everything since then has gone downhill and now you can buy a GameMax case for one third the price that has thicker steel, a more modern design, and better quality plastics.

      • TravelMug
      • 2 years ago

      I still have my lovely(?) brownish Antec NSK something from 2003, now housing my older/second PC. That thing is massive, I’m close to getting hernia every time I have to move it.

      • Mumrik
      • 2 years ago

      I could stand on my SX830 without any worry that it would buckle.

      • TeaMac
      • 2 years ago

      hmm, this one has 0.8mm to 1mm thickness. I just got one and the build quality is nice.

    • Starfalcon
    • 2 years ago

    I am not a big fan of the recent poor trends in computer cases recently. The whole block most of the front airflow with a flat panel, and leaving tons of dead space inside by removing drive areas. Then every case maker just rebrands the bad ideas, and keeps the problems going. Cases have become complete form over function at this point.

    All cases are supposed to do is hold computers and provide venilation to keep them from overheating. Now they can barely do either, as gamers nexus has shown a lot of these cases provide such poor airflow that many computers will thermal throttle, hurting performance. Before people worried about airflow in cases and keeping things cool, now its all about how pretty a case looks.

      • bthylafh
      • 2 years ago

      If this case is like my new Fractal Design unit, the front door is surrounded by a frame of small vents so even with the door shut it gets plenty of flow, and if that’s not good enough you can remove the door.

      I was concerned about that at first but the computer seems fine in its new home.

        • Shobai
        • 2 years ago

        Antec is supposedly balancing noise damping against cooling performance. The vents are clearly visible in the [quite helpful] exploded view. Blocking the path for sound to travel to your ears necessarily means, in this case, blocking fan intakes – better noise profile at the expense of cooling performance.

        The CSA of the case intake should roughly match the CSA of the fan’s intake, ideally, to keep load on the fan to a minimum and reduce wind noise produced by the fan against any restriction [fan grilles, vent holes, etc]. Having right angle turns in the airflow path will hinder cooling efficacy, but would help in baffling noise [especially so if they’d lined the inside of the plastic front panel with foam as per the case sides].

        As it stands, I’d only use the case for moderately powerful hardware, running massive heatsinks and slow moving fans. The lack of a third front fan mount, or even a blanking panel, will mean that there will be a reasonable amount of warm air recirculated by the front fans – the bottom fan may only pull in fresh air, but the upper fan will find the air already inside the case easier to move than pulling fresh air in through the vents.

          • hans
          • 2 years ago

          It has a third front fan mount:

          [quote<]It includes one 120-mm fan in the front and one in the back. You can install two more in the front and two in the top if you like.[/quote<]

            • Shobai
            • 2 years ago

            Right you are. I think my point still stands, otherwise. Even if a user populates each position, recirculation will occur because the rest of the metal panel is so open.

      • thedosbox
      • 2 years ago

      [quote<] All cases are supposed to do is hold computers and provide venilation to keep them from overheating. [/quote<] I hope you're sitting down, but I have news for you - not everyone has the same priorities. And as bythylafh notes, a case with a "solid" front doesn't preclude good ventilation as long as there are vents elsewhere.

    • Kretschmer
    • 2 years ago

    What happened to Antec? They went from great cases with innovative features to mediocre also-rans.

    • mudcore
    • 2 years ago

    Oh look its an Fractal Design case but with some of the poorer design features of an NZXT. The days of the P180, Nine Hundred, and Lanboy levels of innovation are long gone from Antec it seems.

    It’s especially disappointing because this cases internals are all catered to the tempered glass in mind. Things like the main chamber cable hiding bar, taken from NZXT, are a real pain in the rear and less functional than grommets. Pointless GPU vertical mount that Antec didn’t even take advantage of by offering side panel perforations and a cover, like they do on top. It’ll just be a place to leak noise now…

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