Intel tips off potential 960 GB and 1.5 TB Optane SSD 900Ps

I was pretty impressed with the performance of Intel's Optane caching solution when I messed around with MSI's Aegis 3 gaming desktop. Still, some folks aren't going to be satisfied with a simple Optane accelerator. If you're in that category, the Optane SSD 900P is your jam, and you have a choice between 280 GB or 480 GB models. What, that's not enough storage? Hang on a bit, then, because an Intel document suggests that 960 GB and 1.5 TB models of the 3D Xpoint-equipped SSD could be on their way.

In Product Change Notification (PCN) 115990-00, Intel notes updates to the labeling of Optane 900P SSDs, as well as updated current draw figures. The power figures given for the existing 280 GB and 480 GB models are slightly lower than before, but the real interesting note is that the chart, reproduced below, also includes figures for as-yet-unannounced 960 GB and 1.5 TB models.

There's little else of note in the PCN. The document doesn't elaborate on what form factors in which the higher-capacity Optane SSDs might come, but it does list the existing products. It seems that the only model available in the slightly cheaper 2.5" form factor (with U.2 for connectivity) is the 280 GB model, at least for now.

If pricing on the new SSDs is in line with the existing 280 GB and 480 GB models, we could reasonably expect the 960GB model to go for around $1200, and the 1.5TB model to run somewhere around $1800. Those prices might seem exorbitant, but given the performance of Optane SSDs, they're really not a bad deal. We're looking forward to seeing more 3D Xpoint memory on the market, in any case.

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