Thermaltake Sync box bridges RGB LED walled gardens

Imagine you're building a new PC using an RGB LED-encrusted motherboard and a matching video card. But then, you find a killer deal on Thermaltake coolers, power supplies, and fans with their own RGB LED controllers. Left unable to synchronize the sets of lights, you're forced to have a mismatched lightshow in your case. Thermaltake just announced the Thermaltake Sync Controller TT Premium Edition to fix that. This nine-port LED controller hub can accept inputs from Asus, Gigabyte, or MSI LED headers to synchronize the lights across Thermaltake devices.

Apologies to those upset by the nightmare circumstance described above. The new Sync Controller takes a standard SATA power connector to drive the nine devices you can connect to it. Compatible Thermaltake devices seem to include most of the company's RGB LED hardware including the Riing Plus fans, the Pacific and Floe Riing liquid coolers, and the Pacific Lumi Plus LED strips.

You can connect the Controller to any Asus Aura, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, or MSI Mystic Light header. After that, you simply control the RGB LED devices connected to the Sync Controller using your motherboard or video card software. The controller includes three PWM signal cables and two motherboard signal bridge cables to make sure you can get everything hooked up without sacrificing connectivity to other devices.

The Thermaltake Sync Controller TT Premium Edition hasn't shown up at general e-tail yet, but you can pick it up right now at Thermaltake's own web shop for $25.

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