Samsung CHG displays are the first to net DisplayHDR 600 certification

Samsung's quantum dot-backlit LCD monitors—known as QLED in the company's parlance—are some of the only displays on the market that can nip at the heels of OLED displays' image quality. That's not really news, but Samsung just hammered the point home by announcing that its Freesync 2-capable CHG90 and CHG70 monitors are the first monitors to be DisplayHDR-certified by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).

The specific certification that the Samsung screens bagged is the DisplayHDR 600 tag. That's the middle tier of DisplayHDR certification, but don't think that diminishes Samsung's achievement. DisplayHDR 600 has some fairly stringent requirements: 600 cd/m² peak brightness, sustained brightness of at least 350 cd/m², and corner luminance no higher than 0.10 cd/m². The standard also requires at least 90% coverage of the wide DCI-P3 colorspace.

Samsung's Freesync 2 monitors apparently meet all of those requirements, and given that they are already on the market, that makes them the first available to get the VESA-approved label. The C32HG70 is relatively affordable, too—it goes for just $649 on Newegg right now. Not bad for an HDR-capable 32" Freesync 2 display. Now if only the Vega cards to pair with it were available at list price. Hit up our previous coverage of the Samsung CHG seriesFreesync 2, or DisplayHDR to learn more about those topics.

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