Go frameless with AOC's G90 FreeSync gaming displays

Some companies claim their ultra-wide monitors can replace multi-display arrays for gaming. Those massive screens are nice, but having used both 3x1 and 3x2 setups I can comfortably say that there's nothing quite like Eyefinity and 3D Surround. The setups I used had the monitors' bezels removed, but with AOC's G90 series displays you could skip that hassle. Our friends across the pond at Hexus spotted the AOC G2590VXQ, G2590PX, and G2790PX. These upcoming FreeSync gaming monitors all share the same three-sided "frameless" styling.

Image: Hexus.net

The G2590VXQ and the G2590PX are 24.5" monitors, while the G2790PX is a 27" display. All three monitors use TN panels with a resolution of 1920x1080. The three G90-series displays all support Freesync with a lower bound of 30 Hz, and AOC specs the trio for a 1-ms response time. However, the basic G2590VXQ only hits 75Hz at the refresh rate top end, while its two fancier siblings go all the way up to 144 Hz. 

The two 144-Hz displays include a USB 3.0 hub and an "ergonomic stand" that presumably has more adjustments than the G2590VXQ's "simple stand." All three displays share the same suite of connections: a pair of HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, and a VGA port. There's also an audio-out port in case you don't want to use the speakers built into the monitors.

PC gamers may sneer at the gaming credentials of the 75-Hz G2590VXQ, but with its FreeSync support and pair of HDMI ports, it could make a nice companion for a couple of game consoles. It's also inexpensive—AOC expects it to retail next month for £159, or about $175 after correcting for VAT. AOC marks down the 144Hz G2590PX for £249 ($275) in February, and the 27" G2790PX for £309 ($340) any day now. Thanks to Hexus.net for the tip.

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