Hotmail puts the smack down on spam servers

Yahoo News has an article from discussing Hotmail's latest plan to thwart spammers. They have started using the Realtime Blackhole List to filter incoming e-mail. The list is a controversial spam fighting tool in that it singles out e-mail servers that allow spam to be relayed through, and blocks ALL e-mails (spam and non-spam) coming from those servers. The idea is that the users of said server get so pissed that they threaten to kill their system administrator if he/she doesn't fix the mail server so it won't relay spam anymore. Apparently Hotmail started filtering this way last week. I'm not sure it did any good-- I opened a Hotmail account on Oct. 26th to play with the MSN Instant Messenger, and so far I've received a total of 21 spam messages. Keep in mind I haven't done anything (posting on Usenet, web pages, etc.) to publicize the address at all. Perhaps what Hotmail really needs is to be more restrictive about how they hand out the addresses of new subscribers.
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