ATI lures graphics card makers away from NVIDIA

— 12:00 AM on January 10, 2002

I must have received three announcements about manufacturers moving from NVIDIA to ATI today alone. Among them: Gigabyte and OCZ. Turns out ATI's success is pretty broad: X-bit labs is reporting that ATI has lured away no less than 21 graphics card makers, including PowerColor, Shuttle, and Hercules. (Thanks to billb for the link.) Many of the names are smaller and/or lesser-known companies, but regardless, ATI's progress is noteworthy.

OCZ's press release claims that with ATI, "we are able to provide a superior product with a longer shelf life then products available from other manufacturers." ATI does indeed have the technology lead in pixel shader capability and in vertex shader performance, so I can see the "superior product" thing. Rumors about the GeForce4's impending release on February 5 (about which I have no information from NVIDIA) are sounding very credible to me, which explains why card makers may be skittish about introducing Titanium-based products.

I'll be interested to see whether many of these manufacturers are able to continue making and selling NVIDIA-based cards alongside their ATI-driven offerings. Somehow, I think it's more of an either/or proposition.

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