DeepCool Quadstellar case is ready to blast off

Some PC enthusiasts put a priority on cramming as much power as possible into compact Mini-ITX (or smaller) enclosures. DeepCool's jumbo-size Quadstellar goes in the opposite direction, providing ample room to spread heat-generating components into four separate cooling zones. Each of those zones has a large active inlet shutter that can open when temperatures start to rise.

The great room within the Quadstellar contains a motherboard tray ready to accept E-ATX motherboards up to 13" (33 cm) wide. Builders can stuff up to four double-wide graphics cards onto a compatible motherboard or use PCIe riser cables to relocate three cards into the Quadstellar's second cooling zone. Those graphics cards can be up to 15" (38 cm) long.

The main storage device area in the third zone has room for as many as eight 3.5" spinny drives plus a pair of two 2.5" disks. The motherboard tray has room for three more 2.5" devices. The last compartment is reserved for the power supply and its associated cabling.

Water cooling enthusiasts can fit a 360-mm radiator and a 240-mm heat exchanger in the primary cooling zone. Most builders will probably want to go the liquid-cooling route for at least the CPU since air cooler height is limited to a pedestrian 4.3" (11 cm). Five of the Quadstellar's nine 120-mm fan mounts come with fans pre-installed.

DeepCool has fitted the Quadstellar with individually-addressable RGB LEDs on the front panel. The light show and the active shutters on the front panel are controlled by the company's Quadstellar smartphone app. Builders using Asus boards can also coordinate the lights using the Aura Sync utility.

The Quadstellar measures 21" long, 19" wide, and 19" tall (54 cm x 48 cm x 49 cm) and weighs in at a beefy 32 lb (14.5 kg). At least some of that weight comes from the tempered glass panels on each of the case's four chambers. Those panels ditch the standard thumbscrew mounting in favor of magnets.

According to TechPowerUp, DeepCool will launch the Quadstellar worldwide next month at a price of $400. That sticker puts the case up against high-end offerings from the likes of Lian Li, Phanteks, and Antec's Cosmos II.

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