Samsung CJ791 monitor combines single-cable convenience and quantum dots

Our testing demonstrates that Thunderbolt 3 isn't the panacea for laptop gaming that some expected, but the interface does make it convenient to attach a compatible notebook to a larger display. Samsung's CJ791 curved 34" QLED monitor makes it easy for mobile users to use a single cable to connect to a big, high-res display that doubles as a power source.

The CJ791's panel has a resolution of 3440x1440 and an ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio. The screen has an extra-immersive 1500R curvature, which is tighter than the more commonplace 1800R curvature. Samsung's CJ791 can provide up to 85 W of power to the attached computer over the TB3 interface. The company also claims its quantum-dot-infused backlight can display 125% of the sRGB spectrum, and the unspecified panel also boasts 178° viewing angles.

We don't yet know the panel type or the maximum refresh rate of the CJ791 or whether the monitor has additional display inputs. We do know the panel has a 4-ms response time and does not support either of the big two variable-refresh-rate technologies.

Samsung didn't provide any pricing or availability information for this display, but the company did say the monitor will be on display in its CES booth later this month. Stay tuned as we cover the best the show has to offer in the coming week.

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