Samsung upgrades the Notebook 7 Spin with an eighth-gen Core i5

Intel's latest ultra-low-power 15-W mobile processors likely have more than a few gerbils thinking that it's time for a new notebook, since these new CPUs generally offer more cores and threads than last year's offerings, all in the same power envelope. To tempt folks into splurging on a new machine, Samsung is updating its Notebook 7 Spin with a new eighth-gen Core i5 processor, a reasonably-sized SSD, and active pen support.

Samsung didn't specify which exact CPU is at the heart of the Notebook 7 Spin, but it's likely to be either the Core i5-8350U with a 1.7 GHz base clock and 3.6 GHz turbo speed, or the Core i5-8250U with a 1.6 GHz base and 3.4 GHz max turbo clocks. Both models are 15-W quad-core, eight-thread parts. Samsung pairs up the processor with 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. Power is supplied by a 43-Wh battery that purportedly offers better battery life than the one in last year's model.

The Notebook 7 Spin's display is a 13.3" PLS panel with a resolution of 1920x1080. It's also touch-enabled, and Samsung pairs it with one of its active pens (sold separately). The machine's hinge will rotate the display 360° so that the notebook can be used as a tablet or an upright display.

The notebook is wrapped up in a metal chassis that looks to be pleasantly thin and light. It measures in at 12.4" x 8.5" 0.7" (31.6 cm x 21.5 cm x 1.9 cm), and weighs just 3.4 lb (1.5 kg). The Notebook 7 Spin has a backlit keyboard, a Precision Touchpad, a fingerprint scanner, and an integrated far-field microphone. For peripheral connectivity, the notebook has one each of USB Type-C, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and HDMI ports.

Samsung plans to make the Notebook 7 Spin available in the United States in the first quarter of 2018. The company hasn't yet tipped its hand about pricing, however, or what alternate configurations will be available.

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