LG's little HU80KA projector can cast a big 4K picture

When you want to show a movie to a whole bunch of people at once, you can't beat a projector. As we move into the 4K era, projectors must naturally come along. LG's just announced its first 4K UHD projector, the HU80KA. The company says the compact unit can throw up a 150" area for displaying HDR10 content.

The project's product page isn't up yet, and the press release is a little short on details. However, we do know that the brightness of the aforementioned 150" screen is up to 2500 lumens, which is quite high. There's a pair of 7-W stereo speakers built into the unit, but you'll probably want to use the HDMI passthrough, optical connection, or perhaps Bluetooth to connect the video shooter to a proper audio system.

Possibly the most notable thing about the HU80KA is its size. LG doesn't mention exact dimensions, but it notes that the new machine is "roughly half the size" in comparison to other 4K projectors. Judging from the image above, it does indeed look quite small. LG touts the portability of the projector, noting that it has a carrying handle and that its reflector can be used as a lens cover. The projector also apparently has something called an "Auto Cord" that's left entirely to the imagination.

You'll have to use HDMI to send a video signal to the HU80KA, but it also has USB and Ethernet ports for added connectivity. It comes with webOS 3.5, and LG says it includes apps for "the most popular online streaming services." That could be handy for folks who don't yet have a 4K Blu-ray player. If you're after a portable high-resolution projector, keep an eye out for the HU80KA after CES.

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