Acer's Switch 7 Black and 4K projectors make room for Alexa

Amazon claims that users bought more Echo Dots than any other other item on its digital shelves over the last holiday season. Folks shouldn't be surprised to find out, then, that Amazon's been shopping for new places to integrate its popular digital assistant Alexa. Acer just revealed a wide range of products that will ship with Alexa integration, including a variety of notebooks, all-in-one desktops, and a new 4K projector.

One landing pad for Alexa is the just-launched Switch 7 Black. Announced back in August, this convertible is outfitted with an eighth-generation Core i7 CPU and Nvidia's GeForce MX150 graphics card. Acer calls it the first fanless two-in-one with a discrete graphics card. With the aid of four microphones and Intel's Smart Sound Technology, the Switch 7 supports the far-field voice recognition necessary for Alexa to do her thing.

Users will need to be within about nine feet of the device to activate Alexa, but they'll have access to all the hands-free features that Alexa offers. Other Acer computers that will be getting the Alexa treatment include select Aspire, Spin, and Swift notebooks, as well as some Aspire all-in-one PCs. The company notes that the units with only two microphones will have a limited activation range of about three feet.

Other intriguing products to receive Alexa integration include Acer's upcoming V6820M and V6820i projectors. Users will be able to control these 4K projectors using natural-language commands. The company doesn't indicate the brightness of the projectors, but notes that they are compatible with "HDR and Rec. 2020 signals." To keep visuals smooth, Acer also implements a frame interpolation system.

Acer hasn't announced release dates or prices for products other than the Switch 7. That machine will be available in January with a starting price of $1699.

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