GeForce 390.65 drivers add Freestyle color filters and Fortnite support

We're pretty sure Nvidia isn't launching any new gaming graphics cards at CES this year, but the company is adding new real-time color filters and improved support for Epic Games' Fortnite into its latest GeForce 390.65 drivers.

For Instagram lovers, the big news is surely the release of Nvidia Freestyle, a tool that allows application of customizable real-time graphics filters to select game titles. The company says gamers could apply vignette filters with a retro look to FPS games or increased color and contrast for a more photorealistic look in other games. The company even touts accessibility benefits that could allow color-blind gamers to emphasize the difference between otherwise undistinguishable colors. Players might even get a better night's sleep thanks to a blue light reduction mode.

Nvidia Freestyle's 15 filters are available in compatible games using the latest GeForce Experience version 3.12 and the GeForce 390.65 drivers. For the time being, the compatibility list is eclectic. As an example, the list includes GTA: San Andreas and GTA V, but the intervening GTA IV is missing. Similarly, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds made the list, but Fortnite didn't.

As for the GeForce 390.65 driver itself, it's optimized for Fortnite (a title that mixes tower-defense with survival and battle royale elements), including support for the ShadowPlay Highlights recording feature. The driver is available for download now, but the ShadowPlay Highlights support won't activate until Fortnite receives an update on January 10. That feature lets players save game clips for posting on Facebook or Youtube. The new driver also sports enhancements for Nvidia's Ansel in-game photography tool, including integration with the Alt+Z overlay in any of 36 supported games.

Gerbils interested in the full list of bug fixes and unresolved problems with the GeForce 390.65 driver can check out the release notes here. GeForce card owners that want to skip all the words and just turn dials and ogle pretty colors can let GeForce Experience upgrade their driver automatically or head to Nvidia's driver download page.

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