Corsair's AX1600i power supply and Spec-Omega case hit the CES floor

It's CES o'clock, and Corsair is hoping you have time to check out its upcoming power supply and case. The company also has new H-series CLCs on display at the show, but we already have a review up, so pop over there to see what we think of them. In the meantime, let's take a look at two new products aimed at decidedly distinct audiences: the AX1600i PSU and the Spec-Omega mid-tower chassis.

The AX1600i is aimed at the most ambitious (or maybe overcompensating) builders. Corsair calls it "the world's most amazing PSU." At the very least, it's its most expensive and its highest-capacity offering. This 1600-W power supply is fully modular and accompanied by black cables. Corsair says the PSU is built with Japanese capacitors and should achieve over 94% efficiency over its operating range.

As a high-end power supply, the AX1600i also offers software monitoring and tweaking via the company's Corsair Link software. You can monitor multiple items like temperature, voltages and fan speed, as well as tweak fan speed and RPM curves. The 140-mm fluid dynamic bearing fan offers a zero-RPM fan mode to let the PSU operate silently when under low-to-medium loads, too.

If you're looking at that huge red streak across the middle of the supply and thinking that the AX1600i definitely isn't going to fit your aesthetic, though, don't worry: that strip is magnetic, and the PSU comes with red, white, and blue variatns to fit a wider variety of looks—or you can skip it entirely and stick with the default black-and-white logo. Corsair has managed to shrink the chassis a little from the 225 mm of previous AX-series offerings to 220 mm, so the AX1600i should fit into a wide variety of cases.

Moving over to the case aisle, we have the Carbide Series Spec-Omega, a mid-tower chassis that looks to incorporate as many of the new trends in case design as it can while still being relatively affordable. The case comes in red, white, and black-with-red-accents designs, each featuring tempered glass side and front panels to show off your system's internals. Also on the aesthetic front, there's an integrated RGB LED light strip on the front panel and two included 120-mm RGB LED fans. If you're going for liquid cooling, you'll be able to fit a 360-mm radiator inside this enclosure.

Unlike so much of what we see coming out of CES, both of these components should be available right now. They don't seem to be in stores yet, but Corsair has them on its official site. That high-end AX1600i power supply is going for a kingly sum of $450, while the Spec-Omega case is going for $100.

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