Cooler Master’s M800 Gaming Series peripherals are sleek and stylish

Besides its new cases, Cooler Master's also bringing a pack of peripherals to CES. The company has launched what it calls the M800 Gaming Series, comprising a pair of keyboards, a headset, a mouse, and a dual-sided mousepad. Cooler Master's packed some pretty interesting features in these products, so let's take a closer peek.

CM's new keyboards are the MK850 and MK851. Both are mechanical keyboards with aluminum chassis that use Cherry MX switches. The MK850 offers your choices of Brown or Blue switches, while the MK851 comes in Red flavor. The MK851 is only available with linear switches since it integrates Aimpad technology for analog input in games. Eight keys on the left side of the keyboard including the WASD block support pressure-sensitive control just like the Aimpad R5 keyboard reviewed by our own Colton "drfish" Westrate.

The MH850 headset is a closed-cup design with leather-and-fabric ear cups. It supports wired connections using a USB Type-C port or regular old 3.5-mm analog jacks. Cooler Master says the MH850's Focus FX feature will emphasize certain frequency ranges to help gamers pick out sound effects like footsteps. There are the usual playback controls on the ear cups, and the boom microphone is both adjustable and removable. Of course, there's RGB LED lighting on the cups as well.

Both of the keyboards as well as the headset have "precision wheels" on them. If you're using all-Cooler-Master hardware, you can use these wheels to adjust functions on other devices. Cooler Master gives the example of using the wheel on the keyboard to adjust headset volume, or using the headset's wheel to adjust mouse DPI. It's an interesting feature that recalls Roccat's Swarm cross-device integration, and we're glad to see it on more devices.

Speaking of mice the Cooler Master MM830 is a high-end gaming roden with seven configurable buttons and RGB LED lighting. It uses the popular-for-a-reason PMW3360 sensor, although Cooler Master seems to have turbo-charged it to a ludicrous maximum of 24,000 DPI sensitivity. Four of the buttons are part of a "hidden" directional pad on the side where your thumb rests. Forward of that, there's a 96×94 monochrome OLED that users can customize to display whatever they want.

Finally, to go along with the MM830 mouse, Cooler Master is releasing the MP860 RGB double-sided mouse pad. As the name would suggest, the MP860 has RGB LED illumination. One side of the mousepad is hard and smooth—CM refers to this as the "speed" side. The pad's other surface is a little softer and grippier, which CM says should improve control for precise movements.

Cooler Master expects all of this hardware to appear at Amazon and Newegg in Q2 and Q3 2018. The company also says it's going to hold a "beta program" where a small number of users will be able to get their hands on the hardware early and provide feedback for the final versions. There's not word on when that beta will happen or how users can sign up, though.

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