Sennheiser GSP 600 headset combines comfort and durability

Sennheiser has been a trusted name in personal audio for years. If you're looking to pump some music into your ears, it's one of the first brands you check out. The company's been getting into gaming in the last few years, though, and it's dropped some solid offerings. The latest is the GSP 600 stereo gaming headset.

The GSP 600 sits firmly in the high end of the pricing spectrum and seems to have the build quality to match the bulky look. The closed-back headphones have memory-foam ear pads meant to keep your head cool during use and to keep the headset from sticking to your skin during play. The rim of each ear cup has a leatherette material intended to improve the seal and keep out outside noise.

Sennheiser says the headband has unique adjustable design that should make the headphones fit a wide range of face shapes and jawlines. Aluminum hinges connect the band to the earcups and should help ensure a sturdy feel for a long time to come.

As a stereo headset, though, the GSP 600 has an relatively skinny feature set. A volume control on one ear is about all the adjustment the headset allows, and the boom mic can be lifted to mute it. Sennheiser says the mic is "broadcast quality," and adds that it offers high-end noise cancellation. Since there's only stereo output, though, the GSP 600 is compatible with just about anything you can plug a headset into.

This is a piece of Sennheiser equipment, though, so brace yourself—the headset rings in at $250. It isn't in stores just yet, but you can pre-order it over at Sennheiser's website and score a free headset hanger in the process.

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    • Litzner
    • 2 years ago

    I myself have made the switch to audiophile headsets, like the less expensive ones from Audio Technica, and using a full fledged USB condenser mic. Both audio quality in and out has been improved at a cost savings over a lot of gaming headsets.

    • DoomGuy64
    • 2 years ago

    $250? You can buy $20 chinese headsets that are just as good build wise. Sound quality is definitely different, but do those speakers cost $220? Hell no.

    I’m currently using a phillips set with one of those mod mic things, which would also work with a cheaper sennheiser set.

    Headphones are a joke. So many of them are scams like Razer, brand price gouging like Sennheiser, and gaming sets are always unbalanced with ugly designs and poor build quality. Cloth is better than leather, and oval is better than round. Sets designed for looks often are uncomfortable, as well as bad sounding.

    Who out there actually makes affordable good ergonomic sets, and who does honest reviews of them? I don’t know. I personally end up searching forums and customer reviews to find stuff, because nobody in this market is honest. That $250 price point is partially advertorial money for reviewers, and partially marketing for brainwashed audiophiles.

    Anything that cost $250 should have vacuum tubes, because that’s what is going on with those prices. There’s a specific term for wood knob audiophiles who throw money at stuff that doesn’t really affect quality, which I can’t remember, but this is basically the market here. I get that Sennheiser makes good sets, sure, but $250? That’s a joke, and the people who buy sets like these are perpetuating the problem. I’m also sure there are also $500+ sets out there, and Razer is way worse, but I saw this and felt like commenting because the headset market is ridiculous.

      • kuraegomon
      • 2 years ago

      I’m going to call BS on that “$20 chinese headsets that are just as good build wise” claim. I own two pairs of Sennheiser headphones, and that’s flat out not true.

      Is the price inflated? Yeah, likely – but not [i<]that[/i<] inflated.

      • mudcore
      • 2 years ago

      You should go out and experience the various models Sennheiser offers and come back with your opinions. I don’t suspect you’ll think an HD800S is suddenly worth $1500 but I think you will realize there are real and worthwhile differences and improvements as you progress up the price range and that your rage here is misplaced.

      Likewise… these are marketed towards gamers not really audiophiles per se. Sennheiser has the HD lineup for that. If these are built like a tank and the sound quality is say comparable or better than their HD598c then these should be worth it if the built-in mic is seen as a must have and a person likes the looks.

      • GMate
      • 2 years ago

      As HiFi goes even $500 is not realy that much. One can go up to a couple thousand bucks in high end cans and you need to add good amplification and DAC which on their own can easily surpass 3-figure amounts too.
      $250 is just about entry level segment in that market.

      So I’m not so sure it is marketed at audiophiles, not sure they would realy buy PC game-sets in the first place.

      Whether it justifies the price I wouldn’t know, but in general sennheiser is considered to be a good hifi performer unlike, say, drBeats or similar which tend to be just marketing with too much bass. I do think sens are better from what I’e heard. If that much better is debatable, have no idea about production costs.

      (all)Tube amplifiers are actually using an incredibly old and simple electronic design, SS’s are more technologically complex. There is the whole price array in both segments, tubes are not inherently costlier (though tend to ultimately become that because of tube rolling) and better and besides nothing to do with headphones (or speakers), don’s see the point there.

    • TwoEars
    • 2 years ago

    Looks like a serious piece of kit, I just hope they didn’t blow the entire budget on looks. The HD650 is still one of the best headphones out there, that one and a separate mic will likely do music even better.

    • JosiahBradley
    • 2 years ago

    I use a pair of Sennheiser Game Zeros and if they are indicative of the quality I’d recommend these cans too. Very comfortable large fit and great sound. Only downside for a lot of people is that the bass reproduction is accurate so it doesn’t go boom boom like most people who have used beats or the like expect.

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