Prepare for lift-off with the SteelSeries Rival 600 mouse

At CES 2018, SteelSeries added another member to its Rival mouse family. The SteelSeries Rival 600 is a seven-button gaming mouse with an optical IR sensor for mouse movements and a second sensor dedicated purely to detecting lift-offs. Steelseries calls the arrangement TrueMove3+, indicating that it's based on the same sensor technology at heart as the rest of the series including the Rival 310, Rival 500, and Rival 700 mice.

When you pick up your mouse to reposition it, the cursor can move as you set it back down. SteelSeries directly calls out its competition when talking about this feature and compares the Rival 600 against Razer's Deathadder Elite, Logitech's G403, and Zowie's FK1. The company claims the Rival 600 has the least horizontal tracking deviation on set-down of any mouse. That feat is accomplished thanks to the second specialized depth-detection sensor that SteelSeries says can detect lift-offs as short as 0.5 mm.

The Rival 600 is also different from its siblings in that it has adjustable weight. If you prefer a heavier mouse, the Rival 600 includes eight steel weights that snap into place underneath the left and right sides of the mouse. These can increase the Rival 600's weight from the minimum 96 grams all the way to 128 grams. At its lightest, the Rival 600 is nearly as light as the Rival 310 ergonomic mouse, while at its heaviest it matches the Rival 500 MMO mouse. Steelseries claims the split placement on either side of the Rival 600 allows users to adjust the balance of the mouse.

Besides those two new features, the Rival 600 looks like another quality gaming mouse from SteelSeries. Its seven buttons and eight RGB LED lighting zones are fully programmable using the Steelseries Engine software, and the settings are saved on the mouse. The Rival 600 also supports the Gamesense feature, allowing your mouse to do things like indicate Discord notifications using its RGB LED lighting. It doesn't support the tactile alerts vibration feature of the Rival 500 and 700, though.

The Rival 600 is available now at Amazon, although it's currently showing as out of stock. If you simply have to have one, you can pick it up instead at Steelseries' own web shop. Either way, it'll run you $80.

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