Thermaltake Pacific CL radiators pack copper, brass, and steel

A couple years back, Thermaltake caught our attention with its commitment to providing a one-stop shop for custom liquid-cooling setups. That intention hasn't waned in the meantime. At CES this year, the Taiwanese manufacturer has introduced the Pacific CL line of liquid-cooling radiators with new materials and a new design.

Thermaltake overhauled the materials list for the Pacific CL radiator and used copper and brass for the fins instead of the zinc-treated aluminum of previous designs. The side panels are now constructed of stainless steel, a move that the company says allows it to improve the durability of the radiators while cutting back on their weight.

Trimming some weight off the radiators was probably a good move, because they're large. The smallest of the Pacific CL radiators is 360 mm, and 420-mm and 480-mm sizes are also available. The product pictures don't quite do justice to how thick these units are at 2.5" (64 mm), making the largest one comparable in size to a certain mini-PC over at the Digital Storm booth. Like Thermaltake's other Pacific radiators, the CL versions have two G1/4 ports.

In addition to the new radiators, Thermaltake has several new liquid-cooling accessories coming to its online storefont. The company claims that its Pacific C-Pro 16-mm OD compression fitting simplifies the process of tubing installation, and its Tt Premium Ice Blue UV concentrate coolant is ready to make custom loops glow with an unearthly blue light. Finally, Thermaltake also has the Pacific M4 RGB CPU water block, which is specifically designed to play well with Asus's Aura Sync RGB LED software. The company hasn't announced prices for any of these products, but tells us to expect them up on its website soon.

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