Deepcool shows off Electro limited-edition gear and Fryzen cooler

The case-and-cooling crew from Deepcool is at CES showing off its latest goodies. The company is promoting Electro Limited Edition models of its Quadstellar four-chamber case, its New Ark 90 full tower chassis, and its Captain 240EX RGB liquid cooler. Deepcool's also showing off its upcoming Fryzen air cooler for AMD CPUs.

The Electro Limited Edition parts come in a silver-and-orange aesthetic that looks pretty modern. Aside from the new color scheme, the hardware is fundamentally unchanged from what we've seen before. The Quadstellar case is a massive four-chamber chassis with support for E-ATX motherboards and room for all sorts of hardware. Thermal sensors allow the case to open or close the vents on the front automatically.

The New Ark 90 case was first shown at CES last year, and we caught it at Computex, too. Like the Quadstellar, it's a titanic enclosure with support for E-ATX motherboards. However, it's a more conventional shape than the Quadstellar above. The New Ark 90 integrates one of Deepcool's Captain 280EX liquid-coolers, and there's a slot in the case so onlookers can appreciate the flow of coolant through the transparent tubing.

Deepcool's Captain 240EX RGB is a closed-loop CPU liquid-cooler with a 240-mm radiator and configurable RGB LED accents. It's been out for a while, but at this year's CES Deepcool is announcing a version compatible with AMD's colossal Ryzen Threadripper CPUs. The 240EX RGB comes in black-and-white besides the limited Electro edition, and its RGB LEDs can be hooked up to all of the popular motherboard RGB control circuits.

Finally, Deepcool is announcing the Fryzen air cooler for AM4 and TR4 sockets. The company says the amusingly-named cooler uses a large copper base through which six heatpipes run in parallel before curving up to pass through what appears to be a 120- or 140-mm fin stack. According to Deepcool, the Fryzen cooler will make use of a pair of "inverse double-bladed fans." The cooler's shroud has RGB LED lighting onboard with five effects built-in, and it can be connected to motherboard LED controllers.

DeepCool says it's only going to sell 100 units of each of the Electro parts this May, so if this is the look you're after, make sure you jump on them when they hit shops. The Fryzen cooler will launch a month earlier in April.

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