Thermaltake's latest gamer gear glows with RGB glory

It seems like you're not a computer hardware company if you're not peddling peripherals, these days. Thermaltake is no exception to the keyboard-and-mouse fever, and it's got some new hardware to show off at CES. The TT Premium X1 RGB mechanical keyboard, the Iris Optical RGB gaming mouse, and the Draconem RGB Touch Edition mouse pad are all debuting at the show. Thermaltake's also got a new 80 Plus Platinum-certified power supply line which we'll look at in a moment.

The X1 keyboard is a full-featured high-end mechanical gaming keyboard. It comes in versions with Cherry MX Blue and MX Speed Silver keyswitches. There are dedicated buttons for its lighting and media controls, as well as a roller for volume control. You can configure the lighting and macro functions on a per-key basis using Thermaltake's X1 software. You also can sync the light show with other Thermaltake hardware. As usual with fancy keyboards, the X1 supports N-key roll-over through USB.

There are a few features on the X1 that make it a little more interesting than the usual RGB LED-equipped mechanical gaming keyboard. The wrist-rest snaps onto the frame magnetically, so you don't have to worry about clips wearing down. The X1 also has audio and USB pass-through built-in, which is real handy for LAN types like myself. There's also a companion X1 mobile app that you can use to toggle macro sets and control the RGB LED lighting. It supports voice control for these features and also allows you to use your smartphone as a virtual gamepad for your PC.

In contrast to the very fancy X1 keyboard, the Iris mouse is decidedly more of a budget product—not that that's a bad thing. It's an RGB LED-equipped optical gaming mouse with six programmable buttons. The Iris uses an entry-level PixArt PMW3325 sensor that tops out at 5000 DPI. Thermaltake says the Iris supports on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment in 100-DPI steps. Users can customize the RGB LED lighting separately between the logo and the rim that traces the sides and back of the mouse.

Thermaltake has been selling RGB LED mousepads under the Draconem name for over a year. The new one is interesting in that it has added functionality beyond being beautiful, though: it has a fingerprint sensor built in. The Draconem RGB Touch Edition is a hard-surface-type mouse mat with RGB LED illumination around the rim, and in the center of the control box at the top rests a fingerprint sensor powered by Synaptics' IronVeil tech. Thermaltake remarks that the sensor is FIDO-certified and suggests that it could be used for system login or website access.

Finally, Thermaltake's also showing some new power supplies at CES. The Toughpower iRGB Plus Platinum Power Supply TT Premium Edition are fully-modular power supplies that are available with 850 W, 1050 W, and 1200 W load ratings. Owners can use the DPS G local, web, or mobile apps to monitor the performance and condition of the units and control the seven-mode RGB LED lighting built into the fan. Thermaltake warranties the new PSUs for ten years.

Even though the company is only now unveiling them, the X1 keyboards are already available from Thermaltake's site. The version with Cherry MX Blue switches costs $130, while the MX Speed Silver version costs a little more at $140. The Iris Optical RGB mouse and Draconem RGB Touch Edition don't appear to be available, but Thermaltake expects the mouse to cost $30 and the fingerprint-recognizing mousepad to go for $50. Thermaltake hasn't released pricing for the new power supplies yet.

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