Intel acknowledges Haswell and Broadwell reboots after patches

We reported yesterday on Microsoft's suspended patches for the Meltdown and Spectre speculative execution vulnerabilities on AMD systems. It seems that the Intel has also run into trouble with the update on some of its older CPUs. Desktop users and datacenters have reported "higher system reboots," which we take to mean more frequent spontaneous reboots.

Intel says the problems are limited to some of its Haswell and Broadwell processors. The company says it'll work with the customers who reported the problem to "understand, diagnose, and address this reboot issue." The silicon giant is already discussing the issue with some of its large datacenter customers, and promises that it'll work with its partners in the event that a firmware update is needed.

Intel didn't say whether the reboots were limited to any particular operating system. Executive VP and GM of Intel's Data Center Group Navin Shenoy concludes the update by saying that end-users should continue applying updates recommended by their system manufacturer and operating system makers.

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