EVGA teases its 2200-W power supply and Z10 keyboard at CES

Exhibitions like CES are a great place to find the largest, wildest, and most extravagant pieces of hardware on the market. This year's show has been no exception. At EVGA's booth, convention-goers were treated to a peek at a monstrously-powerful power supply. The model name of EVGA's new Supernova 2200 P2 PSU isn't a misnomer—that's an actual 2200W power supply.

EVGA hasn't made a full announcement for the product, but it did post to Twitter a picture of the unit’s label. Notably, the unit can provide 2,200W at 50°C. That’s 183.3 amps on the +12V rail. The Supernova 2200 P2 is fully modular, providing nineteen sockets total. Nine of those sockets are for PCIe cables, possibly indicating that this power supply is designed with cryptocurrency mining rigs in mind. The unit is 80 Plus Platinum certified, and takes a 200-240 V AC input, so don't plan on plugging it into an ordinary American wall socket.

While we're taking a gander at EVGA's booth lineup, the company also has a new version of its Z10 Gaming keyboard on display. As with the Supernova 2200 P2 PSU, EVGA hasn't made an official announcement about the keyboard. From pictures, we can see that it’s a large model with an attached wrist-rest, media keys, numpad, and macro buttons. The unit maintains the LCD display from previous designs.

Pricing and availability information isn’t available, but we expect EVGA to make a more detailed announcement about these products shortly.

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