Intel Core i5-8500 appears in SiSoft database

Intel's October launch of its Coffee Lake eighth-generation desktop Core processor lineup was highly caffeinated, but seemed to be missing the cream and sugar. The most obvious missing elements were entry-level and midrange chipsets to accompany the overclocking-friendly Z370. The existence of the low-base-clocked 2.8 GHz Core i5-8400 and the 800 MHz-hotter Core i5-8600K also suggested there could be another model between them. A database entry seemingly confirming the existence of such a chip popped up over the weekend. SiSoft's database contains results for a purported Core i5-8500 six-core, six-thread CPU clocked at an even 3 GHz.

The entry doesn't have a figure for the CPU's Turbo clock, but we imagine it could land somewhere in the narrow band between the 4 GHz of the Core i5-8400 and the 4.3 GHz of the i5-8600K. The page shows the same 256 KB L2 cache per core and 9 MB of L3 cache as the existing Core i5 models. The only difference among the IGPs in the Core i5-8400 and the i5-8600K is a 100 MHz bump in boost clock (1.05 GHz vs. 1.15 GHz), so the one on the Core i5-8500 could land somewhere in between.

The SiSoft database doesn't include any information about a locked Core i5-8600, but we wouldn't be surprised to see such a chip in the future. We don't know when more Coffee Lake variants are coming, but we imagine additional processor models will probably be timed to coincide with the rumored release of entry-level and mainstream 300-series chipsets sometime this quarter.

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