Cherry MX Low Profile RGB switches arrive in the Ducky Blade Air

Cherry MX-style switches make up the bulk of mechanical keyboards these days. That's a problem for anyone who wants a slim keyboard but isn't willing to sacrifice the smooth feel of typing on Cherry MX switches. Fortunately, Cherry just announced the MX Low Profile RGB keyswitches. The first keyboard to use the new switches will apparently be Ducky's upcoming Blade Air.

The new switches are just 11.9 mm tall (compared to 18.5 mm height of the regular MX), and as a result keyboards made using them can be that much shorter as well. Despite the 36% reduction in height, the key travel is only slightly shorter, at 3.2 mm versus 4 mm on a standard MX. The switches' transparent housings are designed for use with surface-mounted RGB LEDs. At first, only the "Red" linear variety will be available, with an actuation force of 45 cN.

Ducky Channel—known more commonly as simply "Ducky"—is one of the hardcore keyboard nerds' favorite brands. The company's Facebook page is proudly advertising the upcoming Blade Air keyboard. It uses a full-size layout including numeric keypad and dedicated media keys, and packs the MX Low Profile RGB switches. The Blade Air supports N-key roll-over over USB and uses low-profile floating-style double-shot PBT keycaps.

The total height of the Ducky Blade Air is just 0.87" (22 mm). In a rarity among mechanical keyboards, it can be connected with a detachable USB cable, or using Bluetooth. Given the keycaps in use, it naturally supports RGB LED lighting, and has a macro function of some sort. Ducky didn't say when the Blade Air would be available, or for how much. Considering the pricing of the company's other offerings, don't expect it to be cheap.

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