Be Quiet cranks its Straight Power PSUs to 11

The silence specialists at Be Quiet have incremented the Straight Power line of power supply units up to their eleventh iteration. The company equipped the updated PSUs with its own SilentWings 3 135-mm fans and says the upgraded models are its quietest power supplies to date. The Straight Power 11 power supplies are available in six different power capacities ranging from 450 W to 1000 W, and all models are rated 80 Plus Gold for efficiency.

All versions have fully-modular, flat, all-black cabling. Be Quiet says the Straight Power units use 105° C-rated Japanese capacitors and is proud of the cable-free design of the DC side of the PSU, touting that it results in better cooling airflow, reduced signal disturbance, and enhanced component longevity. Those claims might be tough to verify, but the inside of the PSU certainly has a cleaner look than most. The various models come with different cable configurations, culminating in the 1000 W model's arrangement of six eight-pin PCIe power connectors, two eight-pin motherboard power connectors, four four-pin Molex plugs, and 11 SATA connectors.

Be Quiet says the full Straight Power lineup is available for sale now, though the units don't appear to have popped up at TR favorite retailers Amazon and Newegg just yet. The least-powerful 450 W model is priced at $110 and the 1000 W range-topper will set buyers back $215. The manufacturer backs all models with a five-year warranty.

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