TPCast's second-gen wireless VR adapter can deal with 8K streams

Little more than a month after beginning US sales of its first-generation wireless adapter for Oculus' Rift virtual reality headset, TPCast has announced the adapter's follow-up, creatively dubbed TPCast 2.0. The company showed off the second-wave product at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. The manufacturer says TPCast 2.0 uses an ultra-low-latency codec that can squish down VR content with a 50:1 compression ratio while adding just 1 ms of latency to the connection.

First-generation TPCast wireless adapter with Oculus Rift

The company says the technology in TPCast 2.0 is scalable for use with VR headsets with resolutions as high as 8K and delivers an experience comparable to a wired setup. The manufacturer claims that TPCast 2.0 can be used in short, medium, and long-range applications. The adapter uses WiGig or 802.11ay in short-range operation, 802.11ax in medium-range mode, and 5G, 4.5G, or fiber for long-distance VR content sharing. The company did not elaborate on the quality of the experience in each of the three distance scenarios.

TPCast didn't provide details about the price or expected ship date of the TPCast 2.0. Given that the first-gen product has only been shipping in the US since early December, we imagine interested American users might be waiting a while.

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