Gigabyte embeds Gemini Lake SoCs in its latest fanless motherboards

Most of our attention on CPUs in the past year or so has been focused on high-performance x86 cores from AMD and Intel. The blue team hasn't stopped developing its low-power family of Atom cores, though, and the Goldmont Plus core that recently debuted aboard Gemini Lake Celeron and Pentium Silver products is one of the fruits of that work. Intel widened the out-of-order execution window in the Goldmont Plus back end, added a more capable divider, and improved the core's branch predictor relative to its non-Plus predecessor, among many improvements only outlined in Intel's developer optimization reference manuals. All in all, Goldmont Plus likely represents a substantial advance in potential performance versus the Goldmont core before it.

For its part, Gigabyte is now building a new line of fanless Mini-ITX motherboards with Gemini Lake CPUs on board. The company isn't talking about the exact CPUs it'll offer on these motherboards yet, but we imagine that the Celeron J4005, Celeron J4105, and Pentium Silver J5005 will all be mated with Gigabyte's humidity-protected glass-fabric PCBs at some point. Gigabyte does say that these boards will offer HDMI 2.0 output, PCIe 2.0 x2 M.2 slots for NVMe SSDs, support for certain Intel CVNi-compatible wireless modules, and more.

Specific product pages for these motherboards aren't available yet, but past Gigabyte embedded boards seem targeted at industrial and legacy-support roles. Enterprising users will probably be able to press these boards into media-streaming or compact mainstream builds, though. We'll keep an eye open for more details and prices for these boards when they become available.

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