Micron 5200 SSDs cover business data with 64 layers of 3D TLC NAND

We've seen a number of consumer-focused SSDs based on various 64-layer implementations of 3D TLC NAND flash chips. Micron says its 5200-series SATA SSDs are the first such drives to deliver the capacity, performance, and reliability needed by large businesses.

The company says the new 2.5" drives use the same flash controller as its existing 5100-series SSDs. Micron says the re-use of the existing controller should allow its customers to deploy the 64-layer 5200-series drives without the hassles of requalification. Given the fact that SSDs have hit the performance ceiling of the SATA interface some time ago, we imagine that a new controller wouldn't offer much of a speed boost anyway.

The manufacturer says a single 5200-series drive can deliver triple the IOPS performance of a rack of 24 10K-RPM hard drives in an OLTP workload. IOPS capabilities vary depending on model and capacity, but the read performance of all but the smallest model is rated at 95K IOPS and the write capability varies from 9.5K to 33K IOPS. In a change of pace from the SSD norm, the largest drives actually have the slowest write IOPS performance.

Most of the SSDs we write about come in capacities ranging from 120 GB to 2 TB. However, Micron's 5200-series drives come in capacities from 480 GB to 7.5 TB. All models are rated to deliver 540 MB/s of peak read performance. The 480 GB model is rated for 385 MB/s of peak write speed, and all other capacities are rated to write up to 520 MB/s. Micron says the various models can withstand from 780 TB to 8.4 PB of writes.

Micron says all 5200-series SSD models are available now, though the company didn't provide any pricing information. The manufacturer backs all models with a five-year warranty.

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