Handwriting Day Shortbread

When did the number of words that you've typed overtake the number of words that you've handwritten?

PC hardware and computing

  1. Dell Inspiron 13 7373 2-in-1 review @ PC Perspective
  2. The SilverStone SX800-LTI SFX-L 800W PSU review @ AnandTech
  3. Patriot Viper V570 and V570 Blackout Edition gaming mice Rreview @ ThinkComputers
  4. Deepcool GAMMAXX GT review @ TechPowerUp
  5. How to fix Wi-Fi roaming @ SmallNetBuilder
  6. Cougar Minos X5 optical gaming mouse review @ Legit Reviews
  7. Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti Waterforce Xtreme Edition review @ HardOCP
  8. Corsair H115i PRO review @ Guru3D
  9. Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 3 review @ bit-tech

Games and VR

  1. Break Arts 2: build the anime mecha of your dreams @ Rock Paper Shotgun
  2. Subnautica devs want to add Arctic biome after release @ Rock Paper Shotgun
  3. Rust is leaving early access for later access @ Quarter To Three ("finished" may mean something different for games nowadays, but this seems a little sketchy)

Science, hacks, makers and gadgets

  1. Tricked-out barbecue will make you do a spit take @ HackADay
  2. Functional synthetic enzyme could be catalyst for artificial life @ New Atlas
  3. Ancient insect scales analyzed with help of nose hair @ HackADay
  4. Video demonstrates the marvel of CRT displays at 380,000 frames per second @ Ars Technica (I'm glad Ars covered this, because I really an wanted an excuse to share it)

Tech news and culture

  1. Amazon opens "surveillance-powered, no-checkout convenience store"@ Slashdot
  2. Linus Torvalds calls Intel patches "complete and utter garbage" @ Slashdot
  3. SpaceX gets good news from the Air Force on the Zuma mission @ Ars Technica

Cheese, memes, and RGB LEDs

  1. Everything you know about cheese is a lie @ theoutline.com
  2. I am a roboticist in a cheese factory @ blogs.scientificamerican.com
  3. Weaving with light: an OLED fibre fabric display @ HackADay
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    • Redocbew
    • 2 years ago

    [quote<]Everything you know about cheese[b<]cake[/b<] is a lie[/quote<] Fixed.

    • drfish
    • 2 years ago

    To answer my own question, I’m obviously not completely sure, but I’ve always figured it was somewhere around the time ICQ was a big deal. So, probably around 1997 or so, when I was 15.

    My nieces and nephews start with tablets and the like so early, I don’t think handwriting will ever get a head start to begin with.

      • UberGerbil
      • 2 years ago

      I was taught cursive in 3rd grade, switched back to printing everything in 6th grade, and then started typing all my essays / reports in about 9th grade. Typing… on a [i<]typewriter[/i<] (I didn't get my Apple ][+ until 12th grade). Given the increasing output demand per year of school, and the fact I was coding and BBS-ing also, I'm sure I had already created more text with keys than with pens/pencils before I got to college. But keyboarding is now on a bit of a decline also, especially if you don't count text entry on things like phones which generally are thumb-tapped or use predictive text rather than raw typing. And now we're seeing a rise in voice input as well. And that's not counting large swaths of the world where traditional keyboards were always problematic or never caught hold.

      • MOSFET
      • 2 years ago

      For me, probably after college when I stopped taking notes, which I always did by hand.

      • CScottG
      • 2 years ago

      ..after grad school for me, where taking lecture notes by hand is still the norm (even if on tablet) and testing still requires it (..for most classes anyway – where they don’t want you to have added material with you for the test).

        • Concupiscence
        • 2 years ago

        In grad school, I ended up using a hybrid system. For most of the notes, I typed them, but if the professor used a figure or referred to equations, I’d make a note in the document – “See Fig. 1,” or “See Equation 4,” and then write it in a notebook. Later I’d type the notes, then scan in my figures or equations and insert them as pictures. Save as PDF, upload to Dropbox for backups, and call it a day.

    • not@home
    • 2 years ago

    [quote<]When did the number of words that you've typed overtake the number of words that you've handwritten?[/quote<] In 2005.

      • chuckula
      • 2 years ago

      On May 12th at 3:24 PM!

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