Silverstone squishes noble gas with its Argon AR11 low-profile cooler

We caught up with the case, power, and cooling crew from Silverstone at last year's Computex, but we didn't cover a few of the company's more far-off products. Silverstone just released one such item: the Argon AR11 low-profile cooler. This little bit of kit is designed exclusively for the Intel LGA115x socket series (meaning all desktop sockets since Lynnfield), and it claims to be able to cool CPUs with TDP ratings up to 95W.

Silverstone actually says "95W or more," but that optimism comes with the caveat that cooling hotter chips will require excellent case airflow. Given the AR11's petite 1.9" (4.7cm) height, it's difficult to be disappointed in its purported performance. The heatsink is barely larger than the space between the LGA 115x mounting holes, after all. It achieves its blend of cooling performance and svelte size by skipping any kind of baseplate. Instead, the bottom surface of the heatsink primarily comprises four direct-touch heatpipes.

The AR11 uses a 92mm PWM fan that spins between 1200 and 3000 RPM. Silverstone says the AR11's maximum noise output is 44.5 dBA, but as always, you should take that noise measurement with a grain of salt since it doesn't have any methodology associated with it. It might be possible to replace the 15-mm-thick fan with a beefier one if it's too noisy, in any case. The AR11 should be hitting stores any day now, but the company didn't say how much it would run when it does arrive.

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