Chrome 64 adds support for HDR video and per-site muting

Most of the video content shown in my house comes through a browser. We don't have an HDR display yet, but thanks to the latest Chrome update we'll be all set up when we do. Chrome version 64 is a pretty big release that battens down the hatches with bug fixes in bulk. However, it also brings a couple of new features: support for HDR video and persistent per-site muting.

Making use of the browser's new HDR video support will require a suitable display and a likewise-capable graphics card. In Windows 10, you'll also need the Fall Creators Update. Assuming you've got all of that, you should be set up to enjoy the richer colors and deeper contrast of HDR video. 

The other big feature in this release is the ability to permanently mute entire websites. This feature replaces the prior "mute tab" feature that allows you to temporarily silence a noisy page. We would have preferred an option to prevent the bandwidth-hogging videos from loading to begin with, but this will still be handy for those sites that persist in auto-playing videos on every page you visit.

Besides adding those new features to Chrome, Google also paid out over $22,000 in bounties for security bugs that are fixed in this version. The full list is in the change log, if you're curious. The company also says that Chrome 64 has additional mitigation against speculative side-channel attacks—better known as Spectre. If you're a Chrome user, you probably already have the new version. If not, hit the menu button, go to Help, and then "About Google Chrome" to get the latest update.

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