Thermaltake's Versa H17 is sleek and simple

We all like to lust after ludicrous Thermaltake creations like the Level 20, but I'm willing to bet that most gerbils have their PCs inside a case similar to TT's Versa H17. This budget-oriented micro-ATX mini-tower chassis has been available in other territories for a bit, but it's just now made its way to the US of A.

The Versa H17 isn't much to look at, but some gerbils have expressed fondness for that trait. Open the side panel and you're greeted with a quickly-becoming-standard dual-chamber design. A shrouded bottom area conceals the power supply and a couple of 3.5" storage devices from view, and also provides handy space for excess cables. On the back of the motherboard tray you can mount a pair of 2.5" drives. Installed CPU coolers can be up to 6.1" (15.5 cm) in height, graphics cards can be up to 13.8" (35 cm) in length, and power supplies can be up to 8.7" (22 cm) deep.

Airflow shouldn't be too much of a concern in the Versa H17 so long as you fill the fan mounts. You can stick three 120-mm fans or a pair of 140-mm fans in the front of the case. An additional spinner of either size can go in the top. There's also the usual space in the back for a 120-mm fan, once of which is included with the case. The H17 is bereft of fancy liquid-cooling features like reservoir mounts, but you can still install AIOs with radiators up to 280 mm in length in the front, and 120 mm in the rear.

If you're the type to show off your system, there's a windowed version of the case too, but it doesn't look like it's found its way to our shores yet. The all-solid-black version of the Versa H17 is available at Amazon right now for $45 with free shipping

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