Corsair gives its K68 spill-resistant keyboard an RGB LED upgrade

It may be difficult for some gerbils to accept this, but there are many people out there—and not just me—who genuinely enjoy RGB LED-equipped peripherals. If you're in that group, you may have skipped over Corsair's K68 spill-resistant mechanical gaming keyboard due to its lack of das Blinkenlichten. Well, have another look, light show lovers. Corsair's now offering the K68 studded with RGB LEDs.

The RGB LEDs on the new K68 model have to shine through the translucent rubber layer that gives the keyboard its spill resistance. As a result, the lighting on the K68 has a somewhat softer, more diffused look. Some people may prefer that to the piercing shine of other RGB LED-equipped peripherals. As usual, you can use Corsair's CUE software to customize the lighting to your tastes. 

For the most part, the K68 RGB seems to be the same keyboard we awarded a TR Recommended badge last year. That's not a bad thing at all. Nathan tested the K68's claim to IP32-certified contaminant-resistance by taking things a step further and dumping a whole glass of water on the board. True to its word, the K68 hooked up and operated without a hitch after the splash. Corsair's offering the new board with Cherry MX Blue switches as well as the MX Red switches the original model used.

The shiny new keyboard hasn't shown up at the usual suspects yet, but if you're in a hurry you can pick one up directly from Corsair with MX Red or MX Blue switches for $120.

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