Tuesday deals: a Microsoft Surface Pro, portable storage, and more

Good afternoon, gerbils. Carnaval is just around the corner, and in the next couple weeks my little hometown will be nuts with samba, reveries, and drunk people. I don't really care for it, though I do appreciate the work that goes into the suits. There's no time for partying around the TR HQ, though. There's hardware to be found and deals to be considered. Take a look at what we found today.

  • We're kicking things off with a hefty pack o' RAM. Memory's hellishly expensive these days, but 32 GB packs like the G.Skill Ripjaws set of two 16 GB DIMMs clocked at 3000 MT/s have a decent per-gigabyte price. You can get this set for only $329.99 from Newegg right now.

  • The RAM above could easily go into the ROG Strix B350-F Gaming mobo we have here. This Ryzen motherboard comes with Type-A USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports, Intel-powered Gigabit Ethernet, and metal-reinforced main PCIe slots. A Realtek S1220A codec handles audio duties. Grab this board for only $109.99 from Newegg, and lop another $20 off by way of a rebate card.

  • The Microsoft Surface Pro is one of the best convertible ultraportables around, and Best Buy is running a sale on the Core m3 7Y30-equipped model with 4 GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD. The rest of the machine has the same hardware as the higher-specced models, including the gorgeous screen. For only $699, the e-tailer will hand you this convertible bundled with a black Type Cover including a keyboard and a Precision Touchpad.

  • If you buy the Surface Pro above, you might have a need for some extra portable storage. The Seagate Backup Plus Portable 4 TB 2.5" drive should fit the bill rather nicely. This bus-powered USB 3.0 drive is small, spacious, and will set you back only $99.99 at Newegg with the promo code EMCPESP45.

  • There's a chance you prefer just an itty-bitty teeny-weeny slice of extra storage. Take a look at the Samsung 64 GB Bar USB stick. This flash drive has a USB 3.0 interface and promises transfer speeds up to 150 MB/s. The metal casing should make it more durable than most offerings, too. TR Editor-in-Chief Jeff Kampman uses one of these drives to shuttle key files around the TR labs, and he can personally attest to its speed in moving lots of bits from place to place. Grab one for only $20.99 from Newegg with the code EMCPESP26.

  • Finally, Amazon is running a discount sale on a number of Logitech peripherals. Click the link here and take a good look. You'll find items like the G600 MMO mouse for $24.99, the G602 wireless mouse for $29.99, or a K400 multimedia wireless keyboard for $17.98. Get these while they're hot—the deal ends in little over 13 hours from the time of publication.

That's all for today, folks! There's a chance you're looking for something we haven't covered. If that's the case, you can help The Tech Report by using the following referral links when you're out shopping: not only do we have a partnership with Newegg and Amazon, but we also work with Best Buy, Adorama, RakutenWalmart, and Sam's Club. For more specific needs, you can also shop with our links at the Microsoft Store and Das Keyboard's shop.

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