Windows Defender will start removing scareware

You don't need us to tell you that Windows is the desktop OS of choice for almost everyone. Because of that, there's an incredible variety of crapware targeted at Windows users. We're not talking just about your usual malware and spyware, but programs that, while not actively malicious or dangerous, attempt to entice users to spend money that they simply don't have to. Microsoft knows this too, and the company announced yesterday that it's going to be taking measures against this type of software using Windows Defender.

Specifically, the apps targeted by Windows Defender will be those with "coercive messaging." Microsoft's primary concern appears to be apps that report speciousĀ or misleading poor results after some sort of scan, and then promise to fix them after a paid upgrade. Microsoft says that beginning March 1, Windows Defender will be removing apps that Microsoft has deemed to display the unwanted behaviors.

Other unacceptable conduct includes reporting errors in an exaggerated or alarming manner, suggesting that spuriousĀ "issues" can only be resolved using the upgraded software, or requiring users to act within a certain time period. Apps that expect users to take surveys, download additional files, or sign up for newsletters are also going to be marked as unwanted and removed.

Microsoft has been very clear on what it defines as unwanted software. This sort of application has been under fire from the company in the past. Back in February of 2016 the company posted a blog entry along similar lines to yesterday's. Hopefully the company continues to tighten the noose on these junk software peddlers.

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