Plextor M8V SSDs bring 3D NAND to entry-level builders

Plextor has some new SSDs for the market segment looking to upgrade from a clunky old hard drive. The M8V series comprises the M8VC 2.5" drives and the M8VG M.2 SSDs. Both types connect to a SATA interface and come in capacities ranging from 128 GB to 512 GB.

Plextor M8VC 2.5" SATA SSD

Plextor's last-generation SSDs, the M7V series, used a Marvell controller together with Toshiba 15-nm planar TLC flash. The new M8Vs have hopped aisles to employ a Silicon Motion SM2258 chip in combination with Toshiba's 64-layer BiCS 3D flash. The pairing of those parts produces sequential read performance up to 560MB/s, sequential write speeds of up to 520 MB/s, random read capability of up to 82K IOPS, and random writes up to 81K IOPS. Those numbers are for the largest-capacity 512GB model; the smaller drives will probably be a bit slower.

Plextor M8VG M.2 SATA SSD

If Plextor's history is anything to go on, these drives should at least have solid reliability. The company's product pages tout its aggressive quality control testing, including 250 power cycles for every drive. The M8V series comes with a three-year warranty, and endurance ratings of 0.5 drive writes per day—totaling 70 TBW for the 128 GB drives, 140 TBW for the 256 GB drives, and 280 TBW for the 512 GB drives. Plextor hasn't announced pricing for the drives yet.

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